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xCid Solution

The solution was developed for the decontamination of commercial and industrial environments, to clean it of odors, spores, yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

xCid is distributed evenly and spacious by the use of industry fog generators to reliably kill 99.999% of bacteria, germs, spores and yeasts.


  • Decontamination: 1,00 liter/100m³
  • Contact time: approx. 2 hours, depending on humidity
  • Post-treatment: generally no need, if possible rooms should be ventilated
  • Warranty: varies depending on the type of treatment, maximum 2 years

Examples from agriculture

xCid verhindert Botrytis
Botrytis Cinerea with/without xCid treatment, observation period 10 days
xCid verhindert Pilzbefall
Penicillium with/without xCid treatment, observation period 7 days


xCid® is the solution

What is xCid

xCid is an active ingredient complex consisting of positively charged polymers (cationic) and other application-specific components. This complex docks to negatively charged cell walls, it penetrates and breaks the cell wall and cell membrane at several points. The microorganism cell dissolves, no longer viable without a cell wall and unable to reproduce.

Due to it's consistence and molecular size xCid cannot permeate the human skin. Therefore it is not harmful to humans, animals and plants.

Against this kind of neutralization there is no proven formation of resistance. Even MRSA bacteria (multiresistent strains) are permanently devitalized.

What xCid can do

xCid was developed for neutralizing bacteria, fungi, viruses and odors and has a lasting and durable effect on dry surfaces.

xCid is odorless in all its possible product compositions, requires no fragrances to disguise the agent and offers best material compatibility.

xCid is distributed by a dry mist of fog generators with demineralised water as a carrier to be brought to surfaces and the ambient air.

xCid is neither skin, eyes or mucous membranes irritant and is not toxic by ingestion in particular.

Details on xCid solution

  • xCid is used in 70 countries around the world and enhanced in Austria for over 20 years.
  • 99.999% of bacteria, pathogenic and apatogene germs, as well as the multi-resistant germs are killed.
  • xCid may also be used for decontamination of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • xCid is electrostatically charged and thus adheres evenly to all surfaces
  • xCid is completely odorless, a disinfection can therefore be carried out discreetly.

Added value for the customer (examples)

  • Surfaces do not stick, delicate items can remain on the premises.
  • The product contains neither chlorine nor other irritating agents.
  • No surfaces are corroded at all .
  • Seat cushions and mattresses are also disinfected during nebulization.
  • Desired odorants can be added to the solution.
  • Small, powerful fog machines facilitate the decontamination of a multitute of spaces in minimal time.
  • Surfaces are sealed for 2 years.

Application areas

Disinfection of hotels, rooms, beds


Disinfection of cruise ships, prevent Noro

Cruise ships

Disinfection of passenger trains

Passenger trains

Disinfection of aircraft cabins


Disinfection of coaches


Disinfection of loaned and hired cars

Car Sharing

Disinfection of hospitals


Disinfection of retirement homes

Retirement homes

Disinfection of offices


Improve the shelf life of food by disinfection


Cut flowers live longer by disinfection


Disinfection for all areas of life

For almost everything…

Goodbye Norovirus & ETEC!

Cruise ships

  • To disinfect a cruise ship about 25 persons are needed. From our side we need only a few people, that train and certify the ship's crew. After training the crew independently decontaminate the whole ship or - in case of need - disinfect only isolated places.
  • An average cruise-ship cabin can be decontaminated within 1 minute by a single person.
  • Since the required amount of xCid is low and the fog machines are small, solution and machines can be delivered by plane in case of emergency.
  • Bed mattresses are also disinfected during decontamination.
  • For the cost of an every 3 years statutory mattress-disinfection you can now disinfect the entire ship.
  • Cut flowers are automatically sprayed during nebulization and stay fresh definitively longer.
  • Fresh flower delivery should be sprayed for a few seconds in order to achieve longer shelf life.
  • The modern fog technology is cheap and easy to handle. This should always be on board, only the solution is supplied when required.
  • Per 1,000m³ of air, we can add a few drops of a desired odorant, so the ship always smells fresh and clean. On request in sales areas we can add specific odors, tailored to the offered products.
  • Aboard ships xCid has a minimum guarantee time of 5 months, provided that the sealing is not wiped off.


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